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Terms of Use


Order process


Bimbi Magical Events will communicate by email if we can provide you with a service and/or product for a children’s party or function. Within 48 hours of receiving your booking request,  Bimbi Magical Events will provide you with a written quote. 


If you would like to proceed with a quote from us, you will need to confirm your order and make a minimum of 50% deposit of the total time of entertainment requested. Deposits are not refundable. They can be exchanged only depending on our available time.


Payment for the order can be made online either by the Bimbi Magical Events bank account, PayPal, bank Account or Bizum. You will receive an email confirming the order and an invoice after your event/function and the full remaining balance payment will be required.


Complaints Procedure



If you have a complaint about either our site or another entertainer you can send a complaint to Bimbi Magical Events will use its reasonable endeavours to respond to your complaint within a reasonable time and take reasonable action, that it deems appropriate to resolve or rectify the subject matter of such complaints.



Refund Policy


Occasionally, workshops are cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances from our side (of Bimbi Magical Events entertainers) which may affect your venue or entertainment. 


If we cancel a workshop/event, we will contact you for information on receiving a refund. Unless indicated otherwise about a particular event, if Bimbi Magical Events is cancelled or rescheduled, our customers will be offered dates at any rescheduled event up to the face value of the original tickets. Contact Bimbi Magical Events for exact instructions if an event is cancelled or rescheduled.


Deposits are not refundable. They can be exchanged only depending on our availability time.


                           Health & Safety Policy


Please be advised that we can’t paint anyone with conjunctivitis, cold sores, severe eczema, or dermatitis.


If children under 36 months wish to be face painted, they may have a simple design only. If they are distressed, we will stop face painting. Children under the age of 12 must have a parent or carer with them to grant permission before they paint.

Bimbi Magical Events provider of children’s entertainment and workshops cannot be held legally accountable for the care and safety of your children. All parents and caregivers must supervise their children and are legally responsible for their safety.

Please consider the above points before joining in.

Hygiene measures in face and bodypaint
COVID prevention - 19



We will establish visible proximity limits at a distance of 1.5m between the artist's work station and the participants who are waiting to be attended.



Artists will wear a face mask while performing services



Only participants who appear to be in good health will be painted. If a runny nose, cough, or visible skin rash manifests, the artist will not be able to paint it.


Every artist will apply 1 clean sponge per child/adult to apply products.

The artists will perform a cleaning of steps after each use;
- Cleaning the paint on the brush in water and soap (or specific product for brushes);
- Sterilization of the brush in 70% isopropyl alcohol;
- Rinse well with clean water.

The artists will perform a cleaning of steps after each use;
Once the event is over, the artist will clean any area that has been in contact with the participants with disinfectant products and will disinfect their hands between each shift.

Reviewed 24th of March 2024

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