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"We love seeing the smile on children's faces when their face paint has been revealed!"


Bimbi Magical Sydney ("Bimbi" means “kids" in Italian) is a small business based in  Bondi and launched in March  2015.   Now based in   Ibiza from  2020 as Bimbi   Magical Events.


Bimbi Magical  Events started with the intention to bring a smile to children's faces in public events volunteering.   We started wanting to create spaces to promote children's entertainers to grow in their field and for children,   families, and carers to further their creativity together. Our corporate events are places where families can relax,   learn, create, and make new friends through magical, age-appropriate workshops.


Bimbi Magical Events has natural artistic talent and can accommodate a range of themes.  Staff holds currently working with children checks, public liability insurance & a passion for seeing children enjoying themselves with fun! 

           Bimbi Magical Events   Philosophy


We believe that children aged 0-5 years are brilliant teachers of fun. We as a facilitator in their life journey will support their interests with play and care. We will create a positive play environment and encourage children to interact with. We are passionate about children because they are rewarding. We believe we as advocates need to guide children as young members of our community through event participation and celebration. As long we guide them in a positive way in developing their intellectual and social skills, we can ensure that they become strong, caring, intelligent, and compassionate individuals with a sense of belonging (DEEWR, 2009, p.20). We believe that an individual and group emergent event, based on a play, assists in providing a high quality of care accommodating each individual child’s own wishes. We also believe it is important to reflect the ideas and interests of the children/families to allow them to feel part of the collective, whilst developing a flexible and meaningful learning environment/community (DEEWR, 2009, p.29). We believe that to attain the appropriate fun qualities as facilitators and entertainers, we need to provide a warm, caring, and positive environment for all the involved in the event. Recognizing the importance of supporting each other in a teamwork environment is essential.


References: Department of Education, Employment, and Workplace place Relations. [DEEWR]. (2009).  Belonging, Being & Becoming:  The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. Barton, ACT: Commonwealth of  Australia.


What we do at Bimbi  Magical  Events


Professional Face painting (non-toxic & non-allergenic)

Ballon modeling - Magic illusion

For a spectacular event, you can add...

*Glitter temporary tattoos

*Professional Mobile Audio 


*Funny book readings

*Felt board stories

*Art & craft activities 

*Baby dance & dance group

*Performance of giant soap bubbles

*Spectacular birthday cake catering

*Cookies cooking experience   (Dietary requirements  available on request)

*Pass the parcel  with  individual  surprises for all

*Parachute games

*Sack   races

*Egg & spoon races

*Musical statues/chair

*Giant  snakes  &  ladder  game

*Professional  photographer

*and much more...




About Bimbi Magical Events

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